Vinyl Building Process

Once you decide that you are ready to move forward with your backyard investment, you will sign a Brown’s Pools & Spas purchase contract for an Inground pool. This begins a journey that allows your family’s the enjoyment of their own backyard swimming pool.  Each step along the way is important to ensuring that your pool is built to a high standard and will last for decades to come.  A typical Vinyl Inground Pool installation will follow the process detailed below:

Vinyl Building ProcessPermitting

Before any site work can begin, a building permit must be received and posted at the job site. Requirements for approval of permitting vary according to the county or city where the pool is to be built. Brown's Pools will typically provide all of the necessary work and fee payments needed to obtain permits as part of the pool purchase contract. Average time needed for this process is two weeks.

Vinyl Building ProcessExcavation

With permit posted and utilities marked, the pool excavation can then take place. This step causes the most dramatic change in the backyard space as it sets in place the footprint for the pool structure that will follow. Excess dirt needed for backfill is placed around the perimeter while the pool bottom is shaped to meet the exact measurements of the pool's design. Average time needed: 1 day

Vinyl Building ProcessWall Installation

Once the excavation and pool bottom preparation is complete, the pool component kit can be delivered to the site and the wall installation begins. A vinyl pool wall structure comprises a set of galvanized steel panels, bolted together, leveled, and braced, to create the perimeter structure of the pool. Average time needed: 1 day


Vinyl Building ProcessPlumbing

While the pool walls are being set, work is also being done to install all of the necessary underground PVC plumbing needed to provide for the circulation and filtration of the pool water. An equipment pad is set in proximity to the pool and will consist of a minimum of the pool's pump, filter and electrical controls. Depending on the pool's features and accessories, other underground lines may be "roughed in" at this time.

Vinyl Building ProcessPouring the Collar

Upon completing the wall installation, typically the same day, the installers will order a concrete delivery to pour the wall collar. The collar provides the essential structural strength to the pool as it locks the wall and bracing in a complete underground ring of concrete. The shallow end portion of the pool bottom will also be poured at this time with the same 3000 psi concrete mix used for the collar. Average time needed: 1/2 day

Vinyl Building ProcessPouring the Bottom

Now the works turns to the deep end, or hopper, of the vinyl pool. This part of the pool bottom is completed with a layer of grout ready-mix reinforced with wire mesh in key areas. This pool bottom installation method was perfected by Brown's long before other installers even offered it, and it provides the best strength and durability possible for the pool structure. Average time needed: 1/2 day

Vinyl Building ProcessBackfilling and Grading

Once the pool wall, collar and plumbing lines are in place, dirt is backfilled up to the pool's wall structure. A rough grade will be done around the entire pool area to work excess dirt into the overall landscape grade or to provide for any changes in drainage in the yard.


Vinyl Building Process

Settling and Electrical Installation

With the pool structure completed and backfilled, the biggest period of waiting begins. To ensure the integrity of the pool wall structure, the backfill dirt is not heavily compacted by machine. Therefore, it is necessary to allow time for the dirt to naturally settle, helped by rainfall and watering, in order to provide a solid foundation for the pool decking soon to be poured over that dirt. Usually during this time all electrical work is completed by Brown's licensed electrician and fence installation is undertaken if needed. Average time needed: 3 weeks

Vinyl Building ProcessDeck Forming

Preparations for the pool deck get underway after adequate settling time has elapsed. Depending on the deck and coping style and whether any rock work is involved, the tasks involved at this point can vary greatly. Typically it involves additional grading, setting of concrete forms to create the deck's shape, installation of rebar reinforcement and bonding grid, and setting of deck hardware such as a diving board, pool ladder and handrails. Average time needed: 1 day

Deck Pouring

Vinyl Building Process

Next the concrete deck is poured. While most commonly a natural gray concrete color with a brush-textured finish, decks can be done in many different colors and textures that involve more installation time. Standard concrete decks will always include the installation of PVC expansion joints as well as deck drain as needed for proper water runoff. Average time needed: 1-2 days

Vinyl Building Process

Liner Installation and Finish

Now the construction process enters its final days. The pool bottom is thoroughly cleaned and prepped, and the custom-ordered vinyl liner is set in place and fitted. Once the pool has filled with water, a few final accessories may be installed and a final cleanup of the job site will take place. Finally, our staff meets with the homeowner to provide a full orientation of the pool's systems and an overview of the expectations needed for ongoing pool maintenance. Average time needed: 4-5 days

Now is the time everyone has been waiting for, Time to swim. While most projects take 6 to 8 weeks to complete, the scope of installation can be altered by inclement weather. Brown's Pools & Spas believes an honest assessment of the duration needed to do quality work serves our customers better than an unrealistic timeline given only for the purpose of securing a sale. As well, please remember that there is never a bad time of year to begin your project. Give us the opportunity to design a pool that's right for your family.

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