Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

A swimming pool is much like a home, after years of use, updates are needed. Brown's Pools & Spas offers Remodeling and Renovations to all existing swimming pools, inground spas, and other outdoor living space areas. Does your pool feel rough or pitted to the touch? Is your tile cracked, dull or beginning to fade? Does your backyard resort still have the look of yesterday? If you said yes to these question, with no doubt it is time to invest in the backyard renovations. 
Brown's Pools & Spas believes in providing improvements to your existing backyard living space. Today, homeowners bring their lives to the backyard, sharing the space as a source of entertainment with family and friends. By completing the needed upgrades to your pool, spa, or other areas of outdoor living, you will feel like your whole backyard received a makeover.




Options for Remodeling:


Swimming Pool Re-Finishing:

Brown's Pools & Spas provides plaster finishes to fit your taste and preferences. We offer options that consists of pebbles, stones, gems, and glass along with the standard plaster.  Each homeowner picks the colors and product that matches their backyard lifestyle. 


Vinyl Liner Replacement:

Over the years, a vinyl liner shows indications of needing to be replaced. Brown's Pools & Spas offers a quality vinyl liner replacement with Kafko vinyl liners. Meet with one of our pool experts to verify if you pool needs a replacement liner or other repairs. 


Coping Repair & Replacement:

Brown's Pools & Spas have countless design choices to improve or repair your swimming pool's coping. The right pool coping provides you with safety and comfort, while allowing you to match colors and styles to add beauty to your backyard living space. Let our team of swimming pool design experts assist you in selecting the best swimming pool coping products and designs for your swimming pool.

Custom Pool Decking:

One area that homeowners like to show creativity in design options is the swimming pool deck. The deck, in good condition, keeps your swimming pool area safe because it helps reduce slipping. Custom Decking can be replaced while your swimming pool is being remodeled. At Brown's Pools & Spas we offer many options for custom pool decking:



Standard gray concrete mix textured with a uniform brushed finish; includes white PVC expansion joints.


Tinting dye is added to the poured concrete mix to offer a variety of earth-tone shades. These decks are often saw-cut once cured to give the deck an added pattern design.


While the poured concrete is still wet, additional color is added with a rock or brick textured stamp, giving the finished deck the look of a natural surface, but with greater durability.


Flat stone and mortar creates a beautiful natural deck surface. Stone can be added as a border or accent or used for the entire deck surface.


Deck pavestones are laid to create the pool deck surface.


Spa Additions:

Even if your pool does not have an existing spas, one option we can offer in the remodeling of your backyard is the addition of a spa. The design options for a spa addition is endless. One of our design experts can meet with you for a free consult in your backyard to allow you to see how a spa addition can come to life in your backyard living space. 


Swimming Pool Water Features:

Imagine opening your backdoor to the sounds of running water or a cascading waterfall as it flows over rocks, those are just a few options of water features that Brown's Pools  & Spas can add your to your backyard resort. Some homeowners may even wish to add a stand alone, custom fountain to their outdoor living space. Our swimming pool remodeling team can help you and your family select the perfect designs that will work for your backyard and swimming pool area.


Custom Pool Lighting:

Whether you select standard white lights or desire the color lights, adding lighting to your swimming pool and spa can be one of the most dramatic changes you can make in the remodeling process. Not only does lighting help you & your family enjoy your swimming pool into the evening hours, it can also set the mood for your backyard. Furthermore, lighting can add safety to your pool area when darkness falls on the backyard. When planning your backyard remodeling experience, make sure to incorporate lighting into the project. 


Pool Equipment Updates & Repairs:

If the appearance of your swimming pool needs remodeling, chances are your swimming pool equipment is also outdated. We specialize as an expert in Hayward Pool Products. We utilize the most up-to-date swimming pool equipment by Hayward Pool Products to ensure your swimming pool is working correctly, providing you with dependability from your pool equipment, and making your pool cost effective. Some of the swimming pool equipment we suggest are energy efficient pool pumps, pool filters, salt chlorine generators, automatic controllers, pool heaters and pool cleaners. Please ask our experts about your options.


For more plans on your backyard remodeling options, please contact our Pool Remodeling Department and make an appointment for a free consultation and quote at your home. Any of the ideas you see in our galleries or feature sections can be incorporated to bring life back to your pool and your family's lifestyle.

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