Brown's Pools & Spas is a full service repair company that is also a warranty center for all major pool manufacturers. Brown's Pools & Spas strives to provide our customers with the service they expect, industry trained technicians, dependability, and honesty.

The first step in scheduling a repair call with our company comes when you shedule the appointment by phone. At this point, you will speak with one of our skilled Service Assistants. This person will ask you detailed questions about the type of repair you need. It is important to know what piece of equipment needs the repair and be able to explain what is going on, for example your pool pump is leaking. Second, the day before your scheduled pool repair, Brown's Pools & Spas will contact you at the phone number you provided and notify you of a two hour window in which our techinician will arrive at your home. Next, when our technician enters your property, we are prepared to correct the problem based on the information your provided during scheduling your call, this is why the more information you provide the better. All of our repair technicians come to your home with a printed work order that states the problem you are experiencing. We will knock on the door to alert you we are on the property. Most normal repair calls will be completed the same day, however, if you do have an unusal repair or part, a followup visit may be required, which our techinician would explain to you while at your home. Finally, Once the repair has been completed, we will alert you again of the finished job.

Brown’s Pools & Spas perform service repairs on the following:

  • Automation Repair and Install
  • Pump motor repair/ install
  • Filter installs: Sand, D.E., Cartridge
  • Filter Cartridge Replacement/ DE Grid assembly replacement or cleaning
  • Sand Changes on all sand filter types
  • Booster pump repair/install
  • Leak Detection and leak repairRepairs
  • Heater diagnostic, repair, install
  • Time clock repair/install
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Electrical Work, performed by our own certified electrician
  • Pool Vacuum Repair
  • Salt System Install & Repair
  • Spa diagnosis and repairs



Please remember that all Brown’s Employees drive a vehicle with Brown’s Pools & Spas logos on the vehicle. As well, our employees are dressed in Brown’s Pools shirts. You will be able to know that the individual on your property is an employee of Brown’s Pools & Spas.


 Acid Wash:

If the interior surface of your pool (the plaster, tile or aggregate finish) is stained or discolored, an Acid Wash may be recommended. This chemical process cleans algae and other substances off the plaster and can have it looking like new in no time.

This service normally requires the pool be drained and must be scheduled in advance. To schedule an acid wash of your pool interior and/or deck please call our Service Department at 678-621-1465 .



** Once your pool water is clear and blue again, trust our pool cleaning department to help keep your pool cleaned so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space. 


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