Trilogy Fiberglass Pools

Trilogy Fiberglass Pools

Brown’s Pools & Spas Clients can dive into the good life with Trilogy Fiberglass Pools. These fiberglass pools and spas offer endless design options, a huge selection of custom colors, and most of all the award-winning durability and warranty. Many manufacturers have tried, but nobody can match the quality of a Trilogy Fiberglass Pool. Some ask what makes Trilogy stand apart from the rest:


  • State of the art Materials

  • Complete 14-Step, 4-bay manufacturing process

  • Brown’s Pools & Spas Total Attention to Detail during the process


Thousands To Select From-

As a Brown’s Pools & Spas client, when building you Trilogy Pool, you will select the shape you desire, then you will pick from more than a dozen colors for the interior finish, and then you will finally be able to customize your outdoor living space further: simply add spas, benches, tanning shelves, spillways, fountains, and so much more. 


Lifetime Warranty

All Trilogy fiberglass pools.


The Fusion Advantage

Water Features You Can Swim In©

This groundbreaking line of composite pools is unlike any other on the market, combining aesthetics,  little maintenance and a number of proprietary features to create a totally new experience for homeowners.

FUSION's patented modular construction gives Brown’s Pools & Spas a wide palette of choices that will be directed by your personal taste and the physical boundaries of your backyard. The result is a water feature that is beautiful to look at, comforting to hear and entertaining to swim in.

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