Ozone Purification System

Ozone Purification System

Ozone in pool water is simply the best water quality you can have in an above ground pool, and with Doughboy’s Ozone purification system it’s completely automatic and maintenance free.

How does it work?

  • Ozone that is 200 times more powerful than chlorine, and works on pools up to 25,000 gallons.
  • Run the Ozonator at least 6 hours a day combined with a small amount of chlorine.
  • Destroys 99.99% of all organic and inorganic molecules.

What are the Benefits?

  • Reduces chlorine use by 60 to 90%.
  • No more irritated eyes and skin.
  • Ozone produces healthy, pure pool water that feels good, looks good, and smells good.
  • Operating cost is very low.
  • Two  year warranty on parts and labor.

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