Pool Clean-Ups

Pool Clean-Ups

Before You Swim Pool Cleaning

After your swimming pool is opened, there may be work to do to get it ready for the season. Most customers who have us open their swimming pools choose to have a "Before You Swim" clean-up done as well.

Swim Ready Pools

This service is billed by the visit- flat rate labor plus the cost of any chemicals used. Clean-Ups take multiple trips to complete. We will essentially be getting your pool in a "swim ready" condition by netting the leaves out, brushing the walls to break up algae surfaces, and adding the necessary chemicals to kill the green algea. Once the algae is dead on the floor of the pool, we will vacuum the pool to waste (by-passing your filter). Once the pool is cleaned, the service is considered complete, and you may choose to continue with Weekly Cleanings or maintain your pool yourself. We must reemphasize that this service may take multiple trips to complete.

Disclaimers and Payment

Please notify the pool cleaning department 48 hours in advance for cancellations. If we show up to your home and you cancel when we arrive, you will be charged a travel fee of $45.00. In the event of rain, your scheduled visit would be moved to the next business day. We require the customer to run the pool 24 hours a day till the green pool is back to blue. As well, we require the water level to be 2 inches above the middle of the skimmer so we can vacuum to waste as needed.
The price of chemicals is not included in this service.
We do require a credit card be left on file to process each visit to the card once we have completed the visit. Each visit you will receive a report that provides you the chemical readings, the notes from the tech's visit, and your total charges.

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Now is the time to schedule your Spring 2021 Pool Services before the schedule books:

  • Pool Openings
  • Sand Changes, DE or Cartridge Cleanings
  • Vinyl Liner Replacements
  • Pool Clean-up on green pool
  • Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

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