Loop-Loc Safety Covers

Loop-Loc Safety Covers

Loop-Loc Safety Covers are the strongest swimming pool covers made, in fact so strong they can hold an elephant. Brown's Pools and Spas is the area's leading installer of Loop-Loc safety covers. Brown's Pools and Spas offer the guaranteed lowest price on Loop-Loc safety pool covers with installation. 

Every pool owner should consider owning a safety cover to protect their pool and their family during the winter. This cover stretches tightly across the pool surface like a trampoline mat. Water passes through the mesh fabric, so there is no need to pump water off the cover after each heavy rain. You simply blow off the leaves if necessary. 

Small children and pets can safely walk across this cover, giving you piece of mind. The cover is very attractive and will add to your yard's appeal through the winter months. A Loop-Loc cover is definitely the safest way to cover a pool during the winter.


Any of our pool experts can assist you in a Loop-Loc Cover for your backyard investment. 

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