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Hayward Pool Products is the industry leader in pool equipment, parts and products. Whether you are looking for the basics or you are striving for energy solutions, convenience, and backyard safety, Hayward Pool Products provides it all.  That is why Brown's Pools & Spas is proud to offer the full line of Hayward Pool Products. 

If you need a repair on your existing pool equipment or need to install new pool equipment, contact our repair department today to schedule a service call. 

Hayward Pool Products

Brown's Pools & Spas partner with Hayward to offer top Energy Solutions Products that are the perfect cost-savings solutions when it comes to replacing your equipment pad's older equipment or for new pool equipment installs. Hayward continues to strive to develop products that are not only environmentally friendly but also benefit pool owners in the ease and operation of their products while providing energy savings. Any Brown's Pools & Spas staff member can assist you with answering questions about Hayward Pool Products. 



EcoStar variable speed pump is the most efficient pump at any speed that can save you up 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump.

SuperPump® VS


Hayward’s best-selling SuperPump just got even better! The new variable-speed SuperPump VS takes efficiency to the next level with up to 80% energy cost savings over traditional single-speed pumps. Upgrade to Super Pump VS and save energy and money!

MaxFlo VS™


The first step in energy efficiency is simple with the variable-speed MaxFlo VS. Offering up to 80% energy cost savings over single-speed pool pumps alternatives, MaxFlo VS is an ideal pool upgrade for those looking to reduce energy use and save money!



Create your own automation and chlorination system with ProLogic. Whether you have a basic pool or an extensive backyard paradise, ProLogic always offers the right level of control for your environment.


Item #  TIGERS

Save up to 94% on energy costs with TigerShark Robotic Cleaners. Our energy-efficient TigerShark uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years.



Hayward's HeatPro Heat Pump, a high-efficiency heater, gives you the ideal water temperature while using 80% less energy than natural gas heaters. It offers an alternative way to heat your pool that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient.



Wish there was a way to clean your pool's filtration system without pouring gallons of water into the environment? SwimClear™ large-capacity cartridge filter delivers.

Universal ColorLogic®


Universal ColorLogic LED lighting will transform your outdoor environment. They’re the only, UL-listed lights to retrofit virtually any existing pool and spa with vibrant color – even those with just one light.


Hayward’s pump line is engineered for performance, efficiency and dependability. Widely recognized as the industry frontrunner, we have created a line of high-performance and medium-head pumps that lead the way in energy efficiency. Our UL® and NSF® rated pumps come with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, efficient operation. All of these have been engineered for top performance in the most demanding installations of today, setting a new standard of excellence for spa, waterfall, and swimming pool pumps.

 Any staff member can assist you with fitting the proper pump for your pool needs. Simply stop by one of our locations for assistance in picking the correct pump. 



Keeping your pool properly heated can increase its value and lengthen your swimming season. If you're searching for superior comfort and control, you can find it in Hayward's collection of top-notch, highly efficient pool heaters for in-ground pools. Adding a heater to your backyard pool suddenly creates a resort that will last all year long. Visit one of our locations and learn more about Hayward pool heaters or heat pumps and how our service department can professionally install one for you. 

Brown's Pools & Spas believes it’s important to clean your pool regularly—not just to enhance its appearance and sanitation level, but to protect the quality of your investment.  For this reason, Brown's Pools & Spas offers Hayward Cleaners, a complete line of automatic pool cleaners that provide greater energy efficiency with less effort.  The swimming pool vacuums and cleaners have been widely recognized for their ease of use, optimal cleaning performance, and superior efficiency.  

Visit one of our locations to allow one of our staff members to show you the difference in a Hayward Pool Cleaner. 

Robotic Cleaners

Hayward’s robotic cleaners are the most energy efficient of our automatic pool cleaners. The cleaners can save you up to 94% on energy costs compared with most pressure cleaners.

Suction Cleaners

Our suction cleaners are perfect for pools in tropical and desert climates, where cleaners must be capable of handling finer debris, leaves and twigs. These swimming pool cleaners can be installed through a skimmer or on a dedicated line in under fifteen minutes; no additional tools are required.


No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine again. Now you can automatically turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for pool and spa water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Electronic chlorine generation has become the simple, safe and affordable alternative to using harsh, chemically-produced chlorine to sanitize pools and spas. Hayward has solutions for DIYers and for those that would rather leave it to the pros.

Visit one of our locations to meet with a staff member to learn more about Salt Generators and if it is right for your pool.   

Salt Chlorination

It’s amazing what a little salt can do to enhance your swimming experience. You can forget about mixing, measuring, and messing around with harsh liquid or tablet chlorine. You can say goodbye to itchy skin, red eyes, and heavy chemical odors. Now there’s an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to chlorinate your spa and pool. Our selection of salt chlorine generators, replacement salt cells, and related products can keep your pool properly sanitized and safe for swimming.

Chemistry Automation

What if your pool could self adjust, automatically test its own chemistry, and balance and sanitize your water? What if it always knew what the water needed and adjusted continuously, eliminating unhealthy highs and lows? Ensuring brilliant, balanced water all the time, automatically. You can get your water and maintenance time in balance with Sense and Dispense.

Remote Pool Management System

AquaConnect gives you four ways to manage your pool, spa and backyard control functions: Apps, Wi-Fi, Web, and a serial adapter for select Home Automation systems. Enjoy 24/7 access to your AquaConnect system through all internet and mobile device portals, as well as seamless integration with existing home automation interfaces.

Brown's Pools & Spas & Hayward recommends automating virtually everything, for a better backyard experience and more time to enjoy it.

Hayward offers a line of the industry’s best automation to suit any backyard environment. Adding automation takes the work out of pool and spa ownership by automating all work-intensive functions, such as sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration. Add even more control with the intuitive user interfaces of our premium and elite automation. Customize your system to manage other backyard features including landscape and pool lighting, water features, fire pits and more. Perhaps best of all, automation can save you money - by automating essential pool and spa functions, you can save up to 70% on your pool’s energy costs.

Visit one of our locations to learn how you can bring Easy Automation to your backyard investment.

Elite Automation

For pool owners in search of the best in complete backyard synergy, look no further than Hayward Elite Automation. Enjoy the luxury of controlling every feature of your pool, spa and backyard with an intuitive, icon-based user interface unmatched in the industry.

Premium Automation

Hayward automates virtually everything, for a better backyard experience and more time to enjoy it. Hayward offers a line of the industry's best automation to suit any backyard environment.

Entry Level Automation

Hayward brings the luxury of automating pools, spas and other backyard features to pool owners who thought that automation was unaffordable. Automating tasks like an energy-efficient 2-speed or variable speed pump can save you up to 70% on energy costs every year.

Chemistry Automation

What if your pool could self adjust, automatically test its own chemistry, and balance and sanitize your water? What if it always knew what the water needed and adjusted continuously, eliminating unhealthy highs and lows? Ensuring brilliant, balanced water all the time, automatically. You can get your water and maintenance time in balance with Sense and Dispense.


There cannot be any compromise on pool safety.


Some of your best memories are times spent poolside. Keeping the time spent at the pool fun and safe is a pool owner's top priority. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in children happen in or at a pool. Implementing safety precautions and products at your pool is your best line of defense. Knowing what these layers of protection are and their benefits, gives you the tools to make informed decisions.

Whether you are a residential pool owner, or operate a public pool, safety matters! Let Hayward® be your online source to your poolside safety needs.

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