Custom Decking

Custom Decking

Another feature to consider for your swimming pool is the custom decking that surrounds your backyard investment. The decking is the finishing touch to make your new swimming pool come to life. The most common deck choice for the homeowner is concrete. Some people find that they like to keep things simple and they go with the traditional grey concrete. Others who like concrete but wish to add some color can do so by dying, staining or coloring the concrete or using stamped or scoring to simulate the other more expensive selections. Our designer can answer all of your questions to help you make the choice that will compliment your pool design. 

Homeowners also have the choice of pavers for deck options. Pavers are a durable and stylish product that offers textures and patterns to deck surfaces. Pavers can offer warranties and low to no maintenance. When meeting with our builder he can show you the many examples of pavers that you will have if this is the deck choice you select. 

Also, homeowners can use Natural Stone for their decking selection. Natural Stone choices are very popular with homeowners as it adds beauty, rustic charm, and custom design to your backyard. The upside to Natural Stone is little maintenance and more versatility. Our Builder can order stones in any size or thickness specific to your home's needs. 

Remember, let our builder know that custom decking is your choice and he will walk you through the options. 

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