The Solution To A Noisy Swimming Pool Pump

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The one piece of equipment that can drive a pool owner crazy is the pool pump. If it isn’t working, problems can go from bad to worst quickly. One issue that seems to be the worst is if you have a noisy pool pump.

Maybe You have a noisy pump, you ask what could be the cause?

  • You could be hearing the internal cooling fan in your motor, it can be heard. Be careful about where you select to install your pool equipment, near your bedroom window is not the perfect place, as it can get noisy when trying to sleep.
  • Most people install their pump on a concrete base. The pump’s legs and the concrete base can create a vibration noise. It is best to place a piece of carpet, old vinyl, or a piece of wood between the pump legs and the concrete to keep things quieter.
  • Also, to ensure that your pump is not making unnecessary noise, make sure the pump is level and the suction lines are not higher then the pump.
  • Many times, pool owners will describe hearing a “screaming” or high pitch noise coming from their pumps. With that description it could be the bearings. The bearings could be noisy due to age or high concentrations of chemicals and heat. As well, a leaky pump seal could damage the front motor bearing. It is very important to quickly repair any leaks around the pump to prevent extensive damage. Brown’s Pools & Spas recommend that you replace the entire motor once it is ruled the bearings are bad.

If you need to have your pump looked at by a pool professional, please contact our service department at 678-621-1465.

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