Pool and Spa Safety

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Many people read all about swimming pool and spa safety, but do you really understand it? Are you familiar with Drain Entrapment? Do you understand your county codes for fencing around your pool or spa? Are you trained in CPR? Many homeowners build the pool or purchase the hot tub but never think about the safety that should go along with your investment.

If you are a homeowner, whether you have children or simply have children that live around your home, there is always a risk when it comes to safety, as small children are always curious. As well, when entertaining at your home with guests, safety should be a main concern.

Many questions should be asked and thought about with the purchase of a swimming pool or spa. Start with these questions:

  1. When building a pool or purchasing a spa, have you placed the proper fence around your new body of water? Does the fence have proper locks to keep little hands from finding their way through your fence?
  2. As well, doors coming from your home into the area where the pool and spa are located should have alarms to alert you that a back door has been opened. These alarms are simple to install and can be found at your local Brown’s Pools & Spas.
  3. When building a new pool, homeowners should install anti-entrapment drain covers that are compliant with the P&SS Act. Many lives have been lost in swimming pools and spas because of hair, hands, and fingers becoming entrapped in drains. This is a simple fix with the correct drain cover that we can assist you with. It is also smart to keep a pair of scissors stored somewhere around the pool/spa area in case hair becomes entrapped in a drain it can be cut to free the swimmer.
  4. Furthermore, does your family have an emergency plan in place for the swimming pool and spa? An emergency plan consists of a person who is trained in CPR, first aid and emergency response being present when people are in the pool or spa. As well, making sure a cell phone or cordless landline in outside at all times so 911 can be dialed with no delay. Also, it is important to have a life ring and shepherds hook available in case of a swimmer being in need. Watch for information from Brown’s Pools & Spas, as we will be having a CPR Saturday in the Spring/Summer where you and your family can become certified in CPR.
  5. Lastly, as simple as it sounds, do all family members and guests of your pool know how to swim? If not, make sure your family, friends, and guests know it is mandatory for the individual who does not know how to swim to have a life jacket on at all times when around the water.
  6. When entertaining and alcohol is present around the swimming area, just as driving, make sure you have a Designated Adult Swimmer Who Stays Sober. Accidents occur around water, but with impaired judgement due to drinking, saving an individual is all the more difficult. The Sober Adult becomes the monitor for everyone around the pool when alcohol is present.

If you make sure these items are in force at your home and an adult who can swim is present at all times when individuals are in the pool or spa, you are adding safety to your family, guests, and your backyard investments. If you have further questions please stop by one of our five locations and we will be happy to speak further about pool and spa safety.

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