Hostess with the Mostess- Planning the Perfect Pool Party

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If you are the host of the next neighborhood pool party or just having all of the family over to swim, you need to make sure you are prepared for the event. Planning the perfect pool party can seem like a large task, but if you follow the simple guidelines below, you will find it to be easier than you once thought.

Know Your Guest List:  You can avoid the hassle and expense of mailing out formal invites to your guests. For the Back Yard Pool Party, all you need are the guests email addresses. We recommend sending invites by email or by Evite.Com. It is free and simple for you and the guests. Make sure to ask for RSVP’s- make a not for attends and declines. Many people do not RSVP if they plan to come, only if they decline. Also, remind your guests to bring swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen as it will be a pool party.

The Decor: Your party comes to life with decorations. If you are planning a large party (more than just family), a themed party with decorations will bring your event to life. Automatically, when people hear of a pool party, people tend to think of a Luau, but you can also bring to life other themes. If you are looking to host a more up scale party, bring your backyard to life with a Posh Lounge Pool Party. This style party would focus on creating a lounge atmosphere. As the host, you would display hip appetizers like sliders, cheese displays, fruits, and mini quiches. At this style of a party, all of your foods would be displayed at different serving tables. One area of the backyard would have an Appetizer Station, then a Main Course Station, the Beverage Station, and so on. Make sure you place floats in the pool that guests can lounge on while sipping on a drink. As well, play up beat music to keep the party moving. Other great Themed Pool Parties would be a beach party, Vegas Night, Ladies Day At the Spa, or a Movie Evening.

Essentials Are A Must: As the Hostess with Mostess, you are always prepared to provide your guests with what they need. Granted, we expect guests to come prepared, but some do not. Make sure to have a basket located near the pool area with Extra Towels in it. Also, include a few extra bottles of sunscreen for those who forget. Make sure the guests bathroom and changing area has extra towels, soap, lotions and toiletries.

Shake & Mix: It is important to decide before the party if you will offer alcohol to your guests. Serving alcohol at a pool party does require extra safety and making sure you have designated adults to watch those in and around the pool that are drinking. If you decide to have alcohol, stick with 1-2 simple cocktail drinks like Margaritas or Daiquiris. Also, make sure to keep Glass bottles away from the pool area. Some hostess select not to serve alcohol and go with traditional punch, teas, or sodas. Always make sure you have plenty of cups for serving and ice.

Serve It Up: If your party is centered around the lunch or dinner hour, you will need to provide a meal. The grill is always perfect for a pool party. Showcase hamburger sliders, chicken kebabs, or a sample of fish. You can provide trays of vegetables and fruits and have a sample of salads that offers a mixture of greens and veggies or pastas.

The Minor Details:  Make sure to keep music flowing at all times, showcasing a wide selection of music that everyone enjoys. Also, make sure if the party goes into the evening to keep walkways, decks, and the pool area full of light for safety measures. Also, keep a First Aid Kit and telephone near the pool area at all time, also including a pair of scissors in your kit to free hair in case of entrapment. Also, if serving alcohol, make sure to monitor guests and check on them as they are leaving to ensure it is safe for them to drive.

Most of all, to be the Hostess with the Mostess at your pool party, smile and enjoy yourself and your guests will surely follow.

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