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Got Blue Water? If Not, Read about the Easy 6 Tips To Blue Water

1.Make sure your pool water is at normal operational level:

The correct water level for your pool water is the middle of the tile, middle of the skimmer. Insufficient water level will cause the pump to suck air, causing improper circulation and possibly causing the pump to lose prime, which causes the circulation/filtration of water in the pool to stop.

2. Proper levels of chlorine & properly balanced chemicals:

The main levels to check regularly are free chlorine, pH, Total alkalinity, Calcium, & stabilizer levels, and Salt. Remember, when you have rain or your pool water level drops, your chemical levels will change. You need to test your pool water once a week. If you are not comfortable testing your own water with a test kit, you can bring a sample of your pool water (in a clean container) to our store. We will test the water and consult with you on what chemicals need to be added to balance your water. Any of our 5 locations offer water testing.

3.Make sure your skimmer basket & pump basket are clean and free of debris:

When your pump basket or skimmer basket is full of debris, this can impede the flow of water into the pump causing the pump to possibly lose prime, causing the normal circulation of water throughout the pool to stop.

4.Run pump and filter 10-12 hours a day:

It is recommended that pool owners run their filter and pump 10-12 hours a day, in the peak daytime heat.

5.Point directional eyeballs of pool returns down towards pool floor:

Pool Water and Chemicals need to be circulated in areas below the surface in order to distribute evenly. Remember, sunlight dissipates chlorine, so the further away from the surface, the less the sunlight can cause the loss of chlorine.

Remember, It is very important that your swimming pool is maintained on a weekly basis. This means, you the homeowner or a pool cleaning company, will need to clean the pool. Cleaning the pool consists of brushing the walls, vacuuming the pool, skimming and netting, empty the pump and skimmer baskets, test the water, add the necessary chemicals,  and backwash the filter as needed or clean the cartridges as needed. Remember, your backyard is an extension of your home, following these simple steps will keep it looking clean and beautiful.

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