Brrrr… Don’t Be Caught In The Cold With Freeze Damage!

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Brrrr… Don’t Be Caught In The Cold With Freeze Damage!Brrrr… Don’t Be Caught In The Cold With Freeze Damage!

Metro Atlanta saw a winter storm this past weekend. Many people suffered freeze damage to their swimming pool because it was not properly closed for the season or their power went out, preventing the pool from running. At our local store in Dallas, we had freeze damage on one of our pools because the power went out. We thought we would explain how freeze damage occurs and what to do should you face freeze damage at your own pool.

If you decide to close your pool, you need to make sure the pool is closed correctly. Once the pool is closed you do not need to worry about the pool having freeze damage during the winter months. If you decide to leave the pool open year round, then you need to make sure that the pool runs 24 hours a day as long as the outside temperature is below 35 degrees. As long as your pool equipment runs and circulates the water, you will not have freeze damage, as moving water does not freeze. The problem occurs if your power goes out or you forget to turn on your equipment.

If you have a Vinyl Liner pool that the water freezes inside the pool, DO NOT break the ice. When you break ice in a vinyl liner pool, you can rip the liner. You need to allow Mother Nature to do her work and the pool and skimmer will need to thaw as the temperatures rise. If your pump freezes or you have busted plumbing pipes, you will need to make sure the power switches are off and allow the equipment to thaw. Once the equipment thaws, with it being turned off, this will prevent the pool from draining. Any busted pipe will need to be replaced, your pool pump will need to be inspected for any damage, and most likely you will need to replace the pool pump lid. In addition, once everything is thawed, pipes have been repaired and you are able to turn on your pool equipment, you will then need to inspect your filter, heater, salt system and any other pieces of equipment for damage or leaks.

In Metro Atlanta, Brown’s Pools & Spas have certified technicians that can repair and inspect any freeze damage that occurs at your pool. Trust professionals and have the job done correctly.

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